SizeGenetics Review by Medical Experts 2014

24 Nov

The Review – SizeGenetics penis extender is a product that works particularly well to help any man get a larger penis size. This is a great product thanks in part to the way how it works.

First, the extender is very easy to set up. You’ll start by inserting the device onto the penis and securing it with a proper series of fasteners around its body. These fasteners are very easy to use without any problems. In fact, it allows you to extend the penis to move it up at a right angle against the rest of your body without risking any problems from your risk.

It is very easy to add this onto the penis and will keep it intact and in traction for as long as needed. You can even adjust the length on the extender by a few centimeters at a time based on what you need to get taken care of when using this.

The device does not pinch onto the skin as it is being used. Therefore, it is very easy for you to handle this for a few minutes at a time. Read SizeGenetics Reviews


The results that come with this can include a substantial growth in your penis size over time. It’s estimated that with regular daily use for about eight weeks, you can get your penis to grow by around 10% of its original length. Meanwhile, it will get to 15% of the original length with sixteen weeks of use. If you use it for about half a year then you’ll experience a growth rate of nearly 30%.

This will not only do well with helping you to improve the length of your penis but also to enhance its width. This is thanks to how the growth in the area and the added extension makes it so there’s more space for cellular division to grow.


The other materials that come with the product are very effective just as well. The enhancement pills, particularly the Prosolution product, works well by getting into the penis and helping it grow in size quickly while the instruction DVD with exercises is easy to follow. The carrying case is a nice bonus too.

The SizeGenetics penis extender could be the best thing for any man who wants to enhance the size of his penis. It just might work for your needs. More SizeGenetics review available …

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