3 Sizegenetics Prices Review FREE Sizegenetics Extender 2014

20 Jan

Sizegenetics Review

SizeGenetics is well known for its high quality penis extenders. The packages for its products are divided into three (3) classifications with varied prices and extras to offer. One of the most popular packages of Size Genetics products in the online market nowadays is the Starter Edition. This package refers to the basic device only. No extras or additional accessories are included in this package. Only the penis extender and the instructional DVD are available in its set. The price for this package of size genetics products is only $199.95.

Starter Edition

The second package is called Device Only. SizeGenetics Device Only is also known as the basic package of Size Genetics in the online market. This package includes medical type 1 device or the penis extender, a luxury leather case, 58 way ultimate comfort systems and instructional DVD. The penis extender and its additional accessories that are included in this package can be stored inside the luxury leather case. The price of this package in the online market is $349.95 only.

Device Only

Next package is called Ultimate System. SizeGenetics Ultimate System is the most complete package of size genetics products. However, this is the most expensive package because several extras and accessories are already available in its set. In this package, each customer will receive a penis extender together with the following accessories and extras. The additional accessories are the ultimate comfort system, head pieces, cleaning wipes for the device, spare parts, lock and key, luxury leather case, travel case and a set of instructional DVDs and eBooks about the product with fitness tips that are related to its use. The extras in this package include standard smooth tension, MDA technology, aftercare moisturizing cream, traction powder and an online instant access to PenisHealth.

Ultimate System

The presence of several accessories and extras in this ultimate system package of Size Genetics made it more expensive and incomparable to the starter edition and basic package. And since this is the ultimate system package, the management of SizeGenetics named it as the amazing package of their company. The exact price of this ultimate package is only $398.95. The price rates of the packages given in this article are effective only for few days since these prices are part of the latest promos of Size Genetics.

Free Shipping

However, these packages have free delivery or shipping process to all of its buyers even if discounts or promos are not available. It means that no additional fees for the delivery and shipping of SizeGenetics products will be charged to the consumers after purchasing the products. The company implemented a policy called money-back guarantee this 2014 to make their products FREE for those individuals who cannot afford it. The policy will allow their target male consumers to get their latest packages for free by using their products to enlarge their sexual organs. The consumers should send before and after pictures with additional honest testimonials about the products to Size Genetics to get a 100% reimbursement of their total payments for the packages purchased by them. The policy will also return the money of those consumers who are not satisfied with the performance of this product or when the products received are not functioning well.

Free SizeGenetics

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