How To Use The SizeGenetics?

17 May


The SizeGenetics is a device designed to help men extend or lengthen the penis through traction. It’s a gentle mono-therapeutic device that can be used without the need for medical supervision. This means that the Size Genetics can be used at home by men wanting to increase the size of their manhood.

The mechanism of the Size Genetics is based on the principles of traction. The device stimulates the body’s normal reaction to the application of physical force. By applying traction, the tissues cells multiply as a reaction to the physical force applied on the penis and then gradually expand.

The SizeGenetics consists of different parts including the Silicon Noose, Comfort Strap, Protech Matt Strap (Non-Slip), Protection Pad and Latex Head Grip (Fabric Covered).

  • Silicon Noose – This follows the original method that penis extenders use to grip onto the penis. The silicone noose is attached underneath the penis head that provides an upward force toward the penis head. The noose attaches underneath the penis head firmly, getting a consistent hold to your manhood allowing you to increase your size by 1-inch over time.
  • Protection Pad – Protection pad adds padding when you wear the SizeGenetics. This allows you to wear the extender more comfortable.
  • Comfort Strap – The comfort strap is designed to provide an alternative method for gripping the penis firmly and comfortably. Unlike the silicon noose, the comfort strap works by wrapping itself onto the large part of the penis and them provides traction.
  • Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap – Slippage can happen, depending on the shape and size of the penis. This can make the process very uncomfortable. If you are using the extender and experience slippage, the non-slip strap can help you prevent the issue and maximize the benefits of the penis extender.
  • Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip – The head grip is designed to provide comfort and traction if you find the silicon noose and comfort strap uncomfortable to use. The head grips are made from fabric covered latex, which are ideal for men who want to protect their skin, but do not want to use additional padding in using the SizeGenetics.

Warming up is highly important before you use the extender. Warming up helps you allow blood circulation into the penis. By applying a warm, damp towel on the penis, it makes the skin of the penis soft and ensures a tight grip. Get a clean towel and soak it in warm water. Squeeze the towel until it gets damp, and then apply it on your penis. Allow the wet heat to stream blood on your penis before you use the extender. This allows your penis to get enough blood to react on the traction applied by the extender.


You can wear the SizeGenetics from 2-8 hours a day, but it depends upon your preference. Experts recommend not wearing the extended more than 8 hours in a day. You need to give your penis time to recover, to rebuild tissues and enlarge.

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